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About Egypt


Egypt enjoys a deep-rooted civilization which began when the ancient Egyptians established the first central state on the banks of the River Nile. Throughout the centuries, the Egyptians interacted with other civilizations and

Egypt history

Historians divide Egypt's past into several phases: The Pharaonic Era which lasted for
3000 years; the Greek Era which also lasted for 3000 years; the Roman Era which interacted with the Coptic Era after Christianity entered Egypt, and finally the Islamic Conquest of Egypt and the Ottoman Rule till the Modern Era begun by Mohamed Ali Pasha, the founder of modern Egypt.


Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea north of Sudan, and includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula


Desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters
People :

Population: 87 million

Ethnic groups:
Egyptian 98%, Berber, Nubian, Bedouin, and Beja 1%, Greek, Armenian, other European (primarily Italian and French) 1%
Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%, Coptic 9%, other Christian 1%
Arabic (official), English and French widely understood by educated classes


Why Egypt

 1 - Egypt (Misr) is a safe country. You can move freely at any time, walk in any street without feeling threatened.

2 - Living expenses are very cheap, compared to European countries or North America. You can have a good living standard with less than 500 US $ / month! Some married students even chose to have their children here in Cairo, as it costs them only about 350 US$ to do so in good Cairo hospitals.

3 - Egypt has many of the world's old, modern, and current historical monuments and artifacts. It gives you the feel of the history, ancient Pharonic civilizations, Islamic history, Al Azhar Mosque, Muhammad Ali Mosque, Salah AL Deen's (Saladin's) Citadel, Pyramids, Pharonic Tombs etc.
4 - Allah has endowed Egypt with some fantastic natural beauty-spots. Sharm EL Sheikh, Ras Muhammad, Dahab, Marsa Matrouh, Alexandria, and the River Nile

5 - Cairo is the center of Arab knowledge and information resources. You can find many of the books that are published everywhere else in the Arab World, often at a cheaper price, than in any other Arab capital.

6 - Egypt has many centers for teaching Arabic as a foreign language, so you have many options to choose from.

7 - Egypt is the home for Aldiwan Center.

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