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About Aldiwan Center Garden City

Accreditation, recognition, and world acceptance of courses

Aldiwan Center Garden City courses are recommended by  students with grants from Fulbright Program (funded by Department of State, USA), many universities and colleges in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia , and is officially accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Education, Nasr City-East (Cairo) Administration.

Courses and certificates of Aldiwan Center Garden City have been credited for by many top universities in many countries cluding: James Madison University ( Virginia, USA ), Duke University, Harvard, and others.

Aldiwan Center Advantage

You will then get credit for your Arabic study from your university, and a certificate from Aldiwan Center Garden City in Cairo at the same time.

Al-Diwan was established in 1997 as a language center that teaches Arabic as a foreign language. It was -and still- located in the district of Nasr City in Cairo. At first, target students were either those who came from abroad to study in Al-Azhar or Western students � and both were studying Arabic seeking a better understanding of Islam. Then, the circle became larger as many students with different aims came to study in Al-Diwan and it became necessary for Al-Diwan to produce educational materials to suit those different aims.
After that, and as a response to the students� suggestions and needs, the idea of establishing another branch in Central Cairo became urgent. We started studying the idea on January 2004, to serve non-Arab students who are living in Cairo and who do not prefer going to the district of Nasr City. Moreover, we started developing new materials for the students who are studying Arabic to go deeper into the Arabic literature or the students seeking better communication with Egyptians (which means that they want to study Egyptian Colloquial Arabic) or even those who want to study for business purposes. We started real working for the establishment of the new branch on March 2006.


Teaching Arabic for non speakers of Arabic regardless of their aims, ages or races; and also we aim at cooperating with research foundations in order to develop the teaching methodology and meet the needs of Arabic learners.


Al-Diwan staff is consisted of native speakers of Arabic. They are university graduates from the faculties or the departments of Arabic. All of the teachers are qualified to teach Arabic as a foreign language and they teach Modern Standard Arabic � Fusha� with the co-operation of educational aids developers.


Al-Diwan center is in a central location within the business and commercial district of the city of Cairo, only 20 kilometres / 14 miles from Cairo International Airport and 10 kilometres / 6 miles from the Giza Pyramids. Also situated in a perfect location on the River Nile in the district of "Garden City"  where a large number of embassies, hotels, museums, ministries, and tourism companies are located.


A minute from the Italian embassy
2 minutes from the Greek embassy
2 minutes from the Four Seasons Hotel
2 minutes from Grand Hayatt Hotel
3 minutes from the American embassy
3 minutes from the A.U.C (American University in Cairo)
3 minutes from El-Tahreer square
3 minutes from the Egyptian Museum
5  minutes from Cairo University.
5 minutes from the Opera House.
7 minutes from Ramses square
10 minutes from Al-Zamalek district
10 minutes from El-Dokki
15 minutes from El-Mohandessen


Aldiwan Arabic Language Center
1071 Corniche Nile St.
Adjacent to Aldiwan St.
Garden City,
Downtown Cairo,

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Aldiwan Center Garden City
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