Aldiwan Center Garden City General Courses Registration Form

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* This form is only for registration applications for the regular courses. For Summer program, please use this form.
1- DO NOT use this form unless all your questions have been answered, and you are ready to start studying and travelling to Al Diwan Center in Cairo, Egypt.

2- Please fill out ALL the fields in this registration form with accurate and complete data.
Uncompleted forms may delay the processing of your registration.

Aldiwan Center Garden City General Courses Registration Form


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General Arabic programs :

Modern standard Arabic (Fus-ha) (revise calendar)Opens in New Window[click for more info]
Colloquial Arabic of Cairo ( Aameya) (revise calendar) Opens in New Window[click for more info]
Combined Modern standard Arabic + Colloquial Arabic of Cairo (revise calendar) Opens in New Window[click for more info]

Special Interest Arabic Course:(Private only)

Conversational Arabic Opens in New Window[click for more info]
Grammar (Nah'w) Opens in New Window[click for more info]
Rhetoric (Balagha)Opens in New Window[click for more info]
Arabic Media Language
Arabic Calligraphy (Khatt)Opens in New Window[click for more info]
Arabic LiteratureOpens in New Window[click for more info]
Qur’anic Recitation and Memorization (Tajweed, Hifiz)Opens in New Window[click for more info]
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NOTE: Please allow 48 hours to get a confirmation email from Aldiwan Center to assure that we received your online application and to confirm whether there will be seats available in your selected course close to your date of arrival or not, and to learn about the registration deposit payment system.
·The date we receive your registration deposit is the date upon which you will be (or not) eligible for any date-based discounts offered.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you pay $100 deposit so that your registration form will be valid. You will not be registered until your deposit is paid and received.

[Note: 1$ USD = 5.4 EGP [as of 31 Dec 2010] subject to Central Bank Opens in New Window official rate changes]. We recommend you check the current rate before your trip. The fees will be paid in Egyptian pounds.

The deposit will be deducted from the tuition fees.

 Concerning the bank information, We will mail you the details on how to send the deposit to us after we receive your registration form (i.e.: bank wire SWIFT transfer, Western Union, etc.)

I will pay the 100$ USD registration fee.

I read, and agree to the Payment, Cancellation, and Refund Policies of Aldiwan Center.

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