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Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Fus-ha


Novice Stage:
(5 levels- 50 hours each level)

This stage aims at training students to use Arabic in their daily lives, so that they can:

  • Introduce themselves and get acquainted with people.
  • Order food in a restaurant.
  • Tell a taxi driver where they want to go.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables.
  • Exchange money, tell the time in Arabic.
  • Speak about themselves and their daily life.
  • Make a phone call.
  • Show sympathy with patients.

Intermediate Stage:
(5 levels- 50 hours each level)

The aims of this stage are to enable students to:
  • Use the modern language so that they can understand the general idea of a journalistic article or a novel
  • Use Arabic to describe historical, geographical, and political fields.
  • Know the proverbs used in the Arab world and compare them with proverbs in their own language.
  • Know about various arts in the Arab world such as calligraphy and arabesque.
  • Know Arabic poetry and be familiar with famous poets such as Ilia Aby Mady and famous writers such as Najeeb Mahfouz.
  • Take part in job interviews.
  • Describe their experiences
  • Discuss topics of their daily lives (this is a continuation of topics covered in earlier levels but now the student will be expected to provide more detail).
  • Become more aware of Arab customs for example in marriage, death, and celebrations.
  • Manage a conversation with Arabs in general topics.

After this stage, the student can continue to study Advanced Modern Arabic or customized courses that fit his goals e.g. to study the language used in Mass Media ; to study Arabic for the purpose of trading or any other purpose.


We use Al-Kitab Al-Assassi (The Essential Book) for teaching Arabic , using Kitab Al Kitab is Optional 

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