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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I get an entry visa to Egypt?

You can get a tourist visa from the Egyptian Embassy in your country. Citizens from the West (Europe, America, Canada or Australia) can also obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport from one of the banks within the arrival terminal. The visa from the Embassy may be good for up to 3 months. The visa from the airport is good for one month. You can extend your visa in Cairo, but you should do this within one month of your arrival in order to avoid any confusion or late fees. [Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affair: Visa Info


2. I am currently studying in a university that can award me a scholarship or a grant to study Arabic in Egypt. Can you accept this scholarship and let me study in Al Diwan Center?

Sure. We accept, let us know how we can help you about this topic.


3. What happens if I just come to study without prior registration?

In most cases, you will not find a seat available - not only at Al Diwan Center, but in any reputable high-ranked Arabic teaching center in Egypt. In some cases, you may be lucky to have a student who cancelled his registration and/or his trip to Egypt and you are first to take his place. This, of course, is a rare occurrence. Anyways, we always welcome your call and try to help you.


4. How can I reduce my expenses?

You can live with roommates, which will help you to cut back on living expenses.


5. How do I know my rights and responsibilities at Al-Diwan?

There is a contract that outlines your rights and responsibilities at Al Diwan. You must sign this contract when you register with Al Diwan before starting classes.


6. Is there a scholarship that Al-Diwan awards to students?

Aldiwan Center Garden City campus offers two scholarships for registered students in Summer Program for studying either Arabic Calligraphy, or Quranic Recitation/Tajwid . Read details on Scholarships page.


7. Do you have a ?host family? system where an Egyptian family can host students while they study at Al-Diwan?

Unfortunately, no. This system is not customary in Egyptian culture.

8. Can you make an apartment (i.e. flat) reservation for me ahead of time so I can immediately go there from the airport?

This is not possible unless you have previously studied at Al Diwan. Please see Accommodation in Cairo.

9. How do I get the most out of my studies at Al-Diwan?

You can get the most out of your studies by preparing well beforehand. Think about your goals for studying Arabic and read about life in Cairo before you arrive. Most of all, remember that Al Diwan, its staff, and teachers have a lot of experience with foreign students and will be your best resource during your stay here.

10. Is it possible to study from a text book that is not used at the Center?

This is possible, but not during the summer program. Also, it costs more than the standard classes offered at Al Diwan Center.

11. What is the exchange rate of the US$ dollar in Egypt?

The  USD exchange rate is always fluctuating in Egypt. Al Diwan Center recommends that you check the current rate before coming to Egypt. All tuitions paid to Al Diwan are in Egyptian Pounds.
[Note: $1 USD = 5.5 EGP, subject to Central Bank of Egypt official rate changes]

12. I have a friend who is in Egypt right now. Can s/he pay the registration fees to Diwan, instead of me wiring the money?


13. If I wanted to continue my studies at Al Diwan by enrolling in the 9-month Program after the Summer Program, that mean I will be continuing my studies in 2007 InshaaAllah. Will tuition and fees stay unchanged?

Al Diwan Center does not change tuition or fees without informing students at least month beforehand. Normally, tuition and fees go up by about 10% annually, at the beginning of each new year.

14. Can I continue studying at Al Diwan Center after the end of the Summer programs?

Yes. We urge you to mention this in the "comments section" of the registration form so that we can reserve a place for you after you finish your Summer Intensive program.

Dear student, If you still have more questions that are not answered here, please contact us at

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