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Arabic Study Scholarships and Grants

A- Aldiwan Center's Scholarships and Grants

sholarship offerAldiwan Center is offering one tuition-waiver (no tuition) scholarships for the Winter Intensive Program 2010
    * Free Arabic Calligraphy Course

with the following conditions:

    * Eligible candidate has to be Aldiwan Center registered student for courses of 300-hour or more.

Registering for 300 hours can be acheived by registering for taking two programs together.

B- Other Providers of Scholarships and Grants

We always encourage our students to seek external sources of funding for their study at Aldiwan Center.
For this reason, we accept scholarships and grants from other sources to pay Aldiwan Center for your course tuition and fees.
Students who receive funding from any university, college, foundation, or organization are welcome, and should Contact us and provide details about their scholarships or grants and we will give them instructions on payment regulations and Aldiwan Center account information.

C- Scholarships and Grants Previously Accepted from External Providers/ Sponsors:

    * Sponsor: Fulbright Program - US Department of State
    * Country: USA
    * Year: Multiple Grants & Years
    * Program: Summer, and Regular
    * Website:
    * Sponsor: Duke University
    * Country: North Carolina, USA
    * Year: 2008
    * Program: Summer Intensive Program
    * Website:

    * Sponsor: James Madison University
    * Country: Virginia, USA
    * Year: 2007
    * Academic Credit Course credited for Aldiwan Center program: (Arabic-300 Undergraduate)
    * Program: Summer Intensive Program
    * Website:

    * Sponsor: Ankara University Faculty of Divinity
      (Ankara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi)
    * Country: Ankara, Turkey
    * Website:

     * Sponsor: University of Istanbul
    * Country: Istanbul, Turkey
    * Website:

    * Sponsor: The Ohio State University Middle East  Studies Center
    * Country: Columbus, Ohio, USA
    * Website:
      and 2008 bulletin:

     * Sponsor: University of Kentucky
    * Country: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
    * Website: Office of International Affairs:

... Many more are being added, keep watching this page for next updates

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