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Aldiwan Center 9-Month Program

updated: 15 Oct. 2012
Make maximum progress during your stay in Egypt at affordable prices

Gain sound essential skills of Arabic language. This carefully structured course is designed to help you move up one level of ability every 50 hours.

Choose between:
Regular: 5 days weekly, 2.30 hrs daily.
Intensive: 5 days weekly, 5 hrs daily.

Program Dates
Students can choose the start date any time.

How much?
Register now and take advantage of our discounts:

Private class (one on one): 10 % Dis.
Special discounts for two, three, groups up to 50%
Details: Intensive Regular
No. of hours per 9 months 900 hrs.  
450 hrs.  
Contents 20 levels 10 levels
Class hours 5 Hours, 5 days 2.5 Hours, 5 days
The offer 10 % + two calligraphy courses 10 %
Before Discount 10500 $ USD 5250 $ USD
After Discount 9450 $ USD 4725 $ USD

Course description:-
1-Elementary and intermediate stages: 11 hours for Modern standard Arabic or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic
2-Advanced stage 9 hours various between (Arabic for history, Arabic for media, Arabic literature, Arabic culture, … etc.).
3-For the students who would like to study combined (Modern standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic), should study Egyptian Colloquial Arabic first.
4.Registration and books approximately 250$ USD for intensive and 170$ USD for regular.

1.The nine-month course is the most helpful for those who want to get deeper into the Arabic language and culture. Be able to master the language and access the Arabic recourses with no help from the others.
2.The price including Registration and books.
3.Enjoying the winter's mild weather in Egypt during the winter months
4.Getting the up to 50% discount
5.The student can take a vacation of two weeks (the Christmas or any other time) during the course in addition to Fridays.
6.Your choice of start date.

EGP is the default payment currency. We calculate exchange value based on the average exchange rate published on Central Bank of Egypt website over the past few month (1 $=6 EGP).


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