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Arabic 5-Month Program 2012
Application Form

[Files have been scanned online by Norton & kaspersky and are free from viruses and malware]

  • Instructions:
    1. Download the application form file.
    2. Fill in all necesary information and details.
    3. Save your editing and close the file
    4. Send the filled form as Attachment to ALL the addresses below:
      • info@arabiccairo.com
      • arabiccairo@hotmail.com
      • aldiwan_gardencity@yahoo.com
    5. Type in the Subject of your email message: 5-Month Registration
    6. Wait 48 hours to get a confirmation email which contains deposit/bank details.
    7. Send your 100$ deposit.
    8. Wait for our confirmation email.
    9. You are then registered in the program and should come to attend your classes.

      Good Luck ;-)

Mr. Jamal, Dr. Lo & Students

Duke University Students Class

Duke University Students Group

Duke University Students Group

Duke Univ. Trip- Dr. Mbaye Lo, front

Duke University Trip

Summer 2008 Trip

Summer 2008 Trip

Cairo in Summer 2008

Al-Azhar Mosque from inside

Al-Azhar Mosque from inside

Giza Great Khofo Pyramid at Night

You still can be part of our Summer Intensive Program 2009!!
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